Problems connecting to HERO3

This article may be helpful for you if you can’t connect HERO3 camera

Sometimes HERO3 White, HERO3 Silver, HERO3 Black are not connected even if camera is connected via Wi-Fi.

data upload

Q: Will your app not work with a Hero3 Black? Can’t connect to the camera! Doesn’t work with my GoPro HERO3: Silver Edition. HERO3 White not connected. Unable to connect camera is shown.

data upload

A: Seems like SD card is not installed or your SD is not readable by the camera. Unfortunately HERO3 cameras can not be connected if SD card is absent or SD card is corrupted (SD card error is shown on the camera’s screen when camera is turned on). You should insert a good working SD card. LIVE4 works best with HERO3 cameras when the card is empty or does’t contain a lot of files.

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