Add LIVE4 app to Facebook group

This article may be helpful for you if you have troubles with streaming to a Facebook group

Since April 2018 Facebook requires apps to be manually added to a group by an admin. By connecting LIVE4 GoPro app to a group, a group admin can allow group members to publish live videos to the group.

To add LIVE4 GoPro app to your group:

  1. From your News Feed, click Groups in the left menu and select your group.
  2. Click ... More below the group cover photo and select Edit Group Settings.
  3. Scroll to Apps, click Add Apps.
  4. Search for LIVE4, select LIVE4 GoPro and click Add.
  5. Click Done.

If you have questions, concerns or ideas how to make the experience better don’t hesitate to contact us at or join the discussion at our facebook community page