Top 9 LIVE4 New Year’s resolutions for 2019

Top 9 LIVE4 New Year’s resolutions for 2019

What year comes without planning new resolutions? The end of December always feels like the time to make up a list of important changes for the upcoming year. It’s like a natural “reset” button that all of us want to press on a New Year’s eve and start the journey to a better self.

LIVE4 creators are no exception. We see opportunity in things that may seem impossible to others. Our relentless focus is on providing our customers with an easy-to-use app, capable of high-end-quality video streaming from any spot around the world. Yet, we strongly believe there is always a room for self-improvement and bringing innovation to the live streaming industry.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us through our development. Your faith inspires LIVE4 to move on and stay creative.

And as proof, we’d like to share our New Year’s resolutions with you. See the list of new features we’d like to introduce in 2019.

Add “Share your stream” button in LIVE4 app

1. Add “Share your stream” button

Why limit yourself only to Facebook? There are many other platforms your friends are using. Sharing a link to your stream in other messengers and social channels can bring in new people, who may not be following your Facebook feed that often. One press of a button will enable you to send the link of your stream to any other platform you need.

Pin your location in LIVE4 app

2. Pin your location in LIVE4 app

Attach your location to a Facebook post and let everyone know where you are now before they open the stream.

Tag friends in your live stream in LIVE4 app

3. Tag friends in your live stream

Streaming together with your friends? Then tag them in your post before going live! Give viewers additional info before they press “watch”.

Add your own custom logo in LIVE4 app

Brand identity and its visual communication plays very important role in business promotion. Unique logos help customers build brand association and awareness. Add your own custom logo to personalize the stream to your audience.

Re-upload videos in better quality in LIVE4 app

5. “Jump to live” button

We will notify you when the internet connection is down for a few minutes, so you can choose to upload the buffered frames or press the “Jump to live” button and switch to a current live streaming moment.

Add “Jump to live” button in LIVE4 app

6. Re-upload videos in better quality

If you don’t like the quality of the original live stream, we will enable a re-upload of LIVE4 broadcasts in better resolution having all your likes, comments and impressions saved from the previous streaming session! “Upload in HD” button will appear once you finish your live and offer to replace it.

Smartwatches support in LIVE4 app

7. Smartwatches support

Imagine you’re about to take an extreme cliff bike ride. You need your hands both on the handlebars, though you want to do a livestream to Facebook. So you’ve got a GoPro camera strapped on your chest, the phone with LIVE4 app on in your pocket, but you can’t actually see what you’re filming that very moment. Don’t worry, we know how to solve this one! For our smartwatch owners we will offer a special LIVE4 plugin enabling a stream preview and a “start/stop” button to control live sessions from the screen of your watch.

Sensor data from smartphones and -watches in LIVE4 app

8. Integrate sensor data from smartphones and -watches

We have a hunch this will become a favourite feature for our extreme sports fans: share your heart rate, pulse frequency, jump altitude, latitude, longitude or speed rate of an intense car ride with your viewers! A smartwatch will scan your body parameters and transmit them directly to your live video.

New “Top scores” section in LIVE4 app

9. New “Top scores” section

Once we integrate smartwatches support and body sensor data, be sure to find a new section in our app called “Top Scores”. “Top scores” is a list of our most popular streamers featured in different categories like: The Longest Stream; The Highest Altitude; The Fastest Speed; Most Frequent Streamer in LIVE4 history, etc. Stay tuned ;)