Livestreaming for beginners: tips, tricks and general knowledge on how to start

Livestreaming for beginners: tips, tricks and general knowledge on how to start

Within the last few years live streaming has significantly changed the content development in the online world. One of the most popular live streaming services like Facebook Live, generates more than 760 years of watch time daily and its live videos get 3x times more engagement than regular videos shared on this platform. Thus, missing out on livestreaming is not an option today.

However, many people still struggle not knowing how to start their first stream, what do they need for it and how to integrate livestreaming into their business’ content plan.

Luckily, all these questions have their answers :) So lets cover a step-by-step instruction on what to do if you are new to livestreaming.

Essentials for livestreaming: GoPro camera and good internet connectivity

1. Start with the essentials: hardware and internet

Of course there’s no need to get expensive professional equipment headfirst to go live for the first time. Yet your streams will definitely look better if it’s not going to be a smartphone.

The most important things to pay attention to when choosing equipment for streaming live are sound quality and picture stability, ensuring which should be your primary goal. For example, a GoPro HERO7 line has very good built-in microphone and stabilization which makes it one of the best GoPro cameras for live video streaming at the moment. Though its predecessors like GoPro HERO6 and GoPro HERO5 have quite decent characteristics too, considering an additional audio gear like external microphone won’t be extra.

Also, before starting your stream double-check if your cellular connection is good and stable. For that, keep your phone not further than 3 meters (10ft) away from the camera and check your upload speed by using any existing speed test app. Usually, 3 Mbps upload capacity is sufficient for a stable live session.

LIVE4 app’s internet speed test

Pleasant bonus for our Android users: now you can check the speed of your internet within the LIVE4 app ;)

Prepare a plan for your livestream from a GoPro camera

2. Always prepare and plan ahead

First of all, remember that preparation is key to success, whether you choose to stream a one-off event like a lecture, conference or a weekly show. Take some time, get a tripod for your cam, find a place with good lighting and no distracting background sounds and plan what you are going to say. Some professionals even recommend to first go live on platforms were you don’t have much followers. That may help you reduce the stress and get to experience what live stream actually is. Even though laid-back vibe of the stream is fun, but you’ll look more professional if you are prepared.

Second thing you need to keep in mind - promote your stream beforehand. Try to advertise your online event, webinar, etc. to build viewers’ anticipation. Ensure this way that your audience know about the online event and is going to watch it.

Third, is a little tip for those who struggle to choose content for their live shows. Make your livestream a part of your content plan! It may be way easier to come up with a topic for your show when it is a part of a bigger plan. Additionally, due to the fact that live streams create the feeling of being involved, connected with the world and excited, the effect of it could be much better than from any other method of your online marketing.

Ideas for live video streaming from GoPro camera via LIVE4 app

3. What to stream?

The thing you should keep in mind when generating ideas for your live events, content should valuable, educative, entertaining and professional. And it’s great if you can combine all of these features together! Don’t be afraid to experiment with topics for your broadcasts. Here are a few ideas for your livestreaming events.

Without doubt, behind-the-scenes streams are best at creating excitement and spurring the viewers’ interest. For example, as you get ready to go on stage, run a webinar or open up some secrets of the technology process of your company.

Another popular idea is to broadcast real-time events which are important to your business, such as conferences, meetings, presentations, etc. But if you also want to build trust with your customers, show the “human face” of your employees and go live when you are having some team-building event.

At last, have a Q&A session and answer openly the most popular questions or discuss the hottest topics in your field. Feel free to be creative in making up a new subject for your live talk-shows! However, if you struggle to come up with the first livestream topic, use one of the following:

Good luck on launching your first livestream and hope you become another big fan of LIVE4 GoPro app as thousands of our users!

We are continuously working on app stability improvements and trying our best to ensure that all the important moments you stream are recorded and delivered to your viewers. If you have questions, concerns or ideas how to make LIVE4 better, do not hesitate to contact us at or join the discussion at our facebook community page.

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